Friday, December 16, 2011

Anonymous E-mail Makes CMPD 'Fess Up about Releasing Rape Suspect

Lavantae Evans
The following email was sent to the Cedar Posts blog and every news outlet in Charlotte early this morning. Shortly before noon, CMPD announced a press conference at 3pm to discuss the "real story" of how they let a rape suspect go unmonitored, only for him to rape a 3rd woman...

To whom ever will listen,

The information you have received from CMPD concerning the arrest and actions of Lavantae Evans is not completely true. They have lied in an effort to cover up their mistakes which lead to an innocent person being sexually assaulted and held against her will. 

Police responded to the Sunset Inn at 5301 Equipment Dr around 6 a.m. on 12/15/2011. During this altercation Evans was named and positively identified as a suspect in the kidnapping and rape of two female subjects. Evans was found hiding in another hotel room a few doors down from where the assault took place. Once Evans was located he was positively identified as the person who raped and kidnapped the two women. He was then voluntarily transported to the Law Enforcement Center to be questioned by detectives. 

At some point Evans was allowed to leave police custody and not charged with the rape and kidnapping of the first two women. After being allowed to leave police custody he then kidnapped and raped another woman which led to the police standoff with the SWAT team responding. It was only after Evans was involved in the raping and kidnapping of a third woman that detectives went and obtained warrants for his arrest for the first two women that he assaulted. 

CMPD completely failed in this incident and allowed a dangerous, violent and disturbed individual to walk the streets and a few hours later lead to the rape of another woman that could have been completely prevented. 

Please, I implore you to dig harder and see that the information released to you by CMPD is not true in its entirety. All that I have said is documented and available for public record. Please look more into this story and report the truth about what happened with Mr. Evans and CMPD's failure to protect this community.