Friday, June 1, 2012

Two Charged after Detonating Explosives at Vance High School

At least three students were treated for smoke inhalation and burns yesterday morning after Nassi Daundre El-Bey, 17, and Damias McNair, 19, set off smoke bombs and other fireworks throughout the Vance High School campus, according to CMPD. 

The incident happened at approx 9:30 am at the school, which is located at 7600 IBM Drive in the University City area of Charlotte.
El Bey

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police and the Charlotte Fire Department crews responded.  Vance High School was evacuated due to smoke around 10 a.m. after police said the two teens set off fireworks both inside and outside the school.

El-Bey and McNair were each charged with possession of fireworks and possession of a weapon on school grounds.  El-Bey was also charged with damage to real property.