Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Catawba County Sheriffs Use Dogs in Search for Missing Man

Authorities in Catawba County are searching for Ken Mohler, 70, who has been missing since last Friday morning. As of Tuesday morning, sheriffs are now using cadaver dogs to search for the missing man, who was last heard from via a text message telling his wife that he was en route home.

Mohler had went to his place of employment, Gregory Wood Products, late Thursday night to fix a pipe that was leaking. The building is located west of Newton. His boss received a call early Friday morning where Mohler informed him that the leak had been repaired. Shortly after was when he sent the text to his spouse, but Mohler has not been seen since then.

Police say Mohler's cellular phone and the keys to his vehicle were both found in the vicinity of his truck, along with indicators that a struggle had taken place.

There is some evidence that suggests that when he arrived at his work to fix the leak, Mohler discovered thieves stealing equipment.

The search is in progress as of Tuesday morning.