Monday, August 20, 2012

Charlotte Shoplifting on the Rise this Summer

Statistics show that shoplifting in Charlotte has risen by about 20% this summer. Certain areas of Charlotte have seen shoplifting increase by as much as four times, with the Steele Creek area reporting 48 cases since July 1st. Each month, shoplifting costs Charlotte businesses tens of thousands of dollars. To combat the problem, different divisions of law enforcement are working together.

Police in South Charlotte are now making visits to retail stores in the area. They look over surveillance footage and mug shots with the store's managers. They can also warn managers of suspects that have stolen from other stores in the area.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police made 450 shoplifting-related arrests in 2011 and anticipate to make even more this year. They say that the majority of shoplifting is done by an organized crime ring, which has led to the  development of a new unit targeted at repeat offenders. CMPD says that they are making more arrests than they have ever made in the past.