Friday, August 10, 2012

Man Assaults 61 Year-Old Woman With Hammer, Attempted Rape

Samuel Markus Dye, a 20 year old from Chester, was arrested on charges of attempted murder and attempted criminal sexual conduct after assaulting a 61 year-old woman in her home around 4:00 Thursday morning.

According to the police report, Dye appeared at the woman's home where he complained that he didn't have a girlfriend. He then proceeded to strike the woman on the head with a hammer. He exposed himself to her and knocked her to the ground with the hammer where he then continued to attack her and attempted to rape the woman.

Hearing her screams, the woman's son came to her rescue, pulling Dye off of his mother. Police were called and Dye was arrested on scene. He is currently detained at the Chester County Detention Center. Other than a seat belt violation, records show Dye has no prior convictions in South Carolina.