Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Suspect in Teen Kidnapping Faces Incriminating DNA Evidence

Freddie Grant
Freddie Grant, 52, has been arrested in Columbia, SC on charges of kidnapping a 15 year-old teenager in August. While he awaits trial, the convicted felon has declined to help authorities locate the missing girl.

Gabrielle Swainson was last seen on August 18, when her mother Elvia woke her momentarily before going to work at about 3:45 in the morning. Both Gabrielle and her iPhone were missing when Elvia returned home from work later that morning.

The missing iPhone's location has been traced by police to the house of Freddie Grant, who was romantically involved with Elvia. When investigators executed a search of Grant's property, they discovered duct tape containing Gabrielle Swainson's DNA.

According to Richland County authorities, Grant had mowed the Swainson's lawn on the day before her disappearance. Grant is also the lead suspect in another case of a missing person. Adrianna Diana Laster, of Elgin, was last seen in 2011 on Labor Day. She was 28 years old at the time of her disappearance and had lived in the same house as Grant, who was reportedly the last person to see her.

Grant has an extensive criminal record spanning nearly 25 years between South Carolina and Florida. He is accused of taking Gabrielle by force during the early morning of August 18th. For South Carolina authorities, the search for the missing teen continues without the aid of suspect Freddie Grant.