Friday, September 21, 2012

Dog Walking Burglar Now Faces Animal Cruelty Charges

Charges are racking up for 21 year-old Jordan Frye. Frye is the owner of the dog walking service Queen City Dog Service. He was arrested Tuesday on burglary charges for stealing expensive items from his clients' homes while they were away. Because he had earned the trust of his clients, Frye had keys and alarm codes to enter their homes. He admitted to authorities that he had taken 83 items, including jewelry and electronics, from his clients' homes from May to September.

Frye is now being charged with animal cruelty after a search of his home produced a mistreated puppy that quickly died thereafter. According to investigators, 8 month-old Cupcake was found with urine and feces all over her. Frye had been watching the dog over a period of two weeks. Cupcake's owner, who had used Queen City Dog Service for a period of months, was shocked to find out how her dog had been treated.

Frye's charges now include cruelty to animals and several counts of felony larceny and felony possession of stolen goods.