Saturday, September 22, 2012

Gastonia Woman Assaults Two Minors in One Day

Toni Meeks
Gastonia police have arrested local resident Toni Nicole Meeks, 39, for two incidents that occurred Thursday.

The first incident occurred at 2760 Meade Avenue. That case involved Meeks using a stun gun on an 11 year-old boy. According to reports, Meeks used the tazer on the boy by shocking him in the neck. Though the boy was transported to an area hospital for burns he sustained, he is expected to recover. Gastonia police charged Meeks assault on a child under 12 and assault with a deadly weapon for that incident.

That same day, Meeks is accused of trying to punch a 17 year-old girl just down the street from the first case. That incident landed Meeks a simple assault charge. After her arrest, Meeks was jailed under a $9,000 bond for the assault with a deadly weapon case and a $1,000 bond for simple assault. Authorities are not certain if the two cases are connected.