Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Iredell Sheriffs Charge 2 Men With 25 Local Burglaries

Stephen Buchanan
Iredell County Sheriffs charged two men in connection with a large string of robberies throughout the southern part of the county.

Thirty-seven year-old Matthew Little and 27 year-old Stephen Buchanan have been linked to 25 thefts in the areas of Mooresville and Troutman.

Little was arrested on August 16 after acting as an accomplice to Buchanan in a larceny and breaking and entering in Troutman. Buchanan was shot during the burglary and was still at the scene when police arrived. He was taken by air to Carolinas Medical Center where he received treatment before his subsequent release and arrest.

Matthew Little
Catching Buchanan in the act of burglary was a pivotal development in the case to find the men responsible for the thefts. Little had left Buchanan at the scene but was later caught nearby by deputies. After obtaining a search warrant, Sheriffs found stolen property in the car the men were operating. The stolen property tied the two men to the slew of other robberies.

Both men are being jailed in Iredell County while they await trial. Buchanan is being held under a $605,000 secured bond, while Little is being held under a $300,000 secured bond.