Thursday, September 20, 2012

Monroe Jewelry Thief Identified by Facebook Followers

The owner of a Monroe jewelry store used Facebook as a means to identify a thief who stole hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise from the store on Wednesday.

When Renn Farmer, the owner of The Renn's Nest in Monroe, realized that the jewelry had been stolen, she reviewed the footage from her in-store cameras. An older woman was recorded on surveillance footage stealing watches, rings, and bracelets and stashing them in her purse. Within the an hour and a half, the woman had stolen about $500 worth of jewelry.

Because Farmer did not know the thief, she decided to ask for help from her store's Facebook followers, which total over 3,700 people. Farmer posted a picture of the woman on the store's Facebook page. Within a matter of minutes, she was receiving phone calls that identified the woman as 69 year-old Josephine Murdock.

That's where the story takes an unexpected turn. Farmer called Josephine Murdock and informed her that she was recorded on video stealing the merchandise. Murdock then came back to The Renn's Nest and gave Farmer $500 in cash for the stolen goods. Feeling sympathy for Murdock, Farmer banned her from the store but said she would not press charges against her.

As a reward for helping, The Renn's Nest will offer it's Facebook followers a free necklace bead.