Tuesday, September 4, 2012

UPDATE: Suspect Identified as Local Teenager in Concord Robbery/Suicide

The suspect who committed suicide after robbing a local bank was identified Monday as 16 year-old Maurice Spenser VanHecke, a junior at William A. Hough High School.

VanHecke is accused of robbing the BB&T on Harris Road shortly after 5:00 Friday afternoon. As police officers responded to the call, they discovered VanHeck, identified him as the suspect, and attempted to pursue him.

During the chase, VanHecke fled half of a mile to the shelter of a home's garage, located on Northwest Lolabridge Street. It was in that garage that VanHecke turned his gun on himself and ended his life.

No one else was harmed in the incident, and no other shots were fired. Authorities haven't yet released a motive behind VanHeck's actions.