Saturday, June 16, 2012

Please Help Keep Child Killer Fred Coffey Behind Bars!!!

UPDATE:  In July 2012, convicted child killer Fred Coffey is up for parole again... Please take the time to send an e-mail or letter on Amanda Ray's behalf and help keep Coffey in jail!  ~ Website about Amanda Ray case
Please read the following letter written by the Mother of 10-year old murder victim, Amanda Marie Ray. Please help keep Amanda's murderer behind bars! Please take a minute to write the NC parole board and request Fred Coffey, Jr. be kept behind bars. His parole review is on July 21, 2012 so please get your letters printed and sent ASAP.

Dear Friends,

It is time again for Fred Howard Coffey, Jr. to receive a parole review. As most of you already know, he was convicted of murdering my daughter, Amanda Marie Ray, in 1979.

He was not found and brought to trial until October of 1986 when he was found guilty of first degree murder and sentenced to death. The NC Supreme Court overturned the death sentence (not the guilty verdict) and he received a re-sentencing hearing in May of 1991. AGAIN, he was given the death sentence. 

Then in September of 1995, due to a technicality, he was re-sentenced.....this time to life in prison. The jury voted 10 to 2 for the death penalty. However, with the two holdouts, the judge had no recourse but to sentence him to life. At the time of the last re-sentencing hearing, the N. C. Court system did not have a life without parole 

As a result, this individual comes up every three years for a parole review. Most of you are familiar with this case. You know that Coffey is a suspect in twelve child murders in five states. He admitted to a psychiatrist that he had molested over 100 children up and down the East coast. Of course, the jury was not privy to this as it was found too prejudicial. However, it is in the transcript of the trial.

He had previously been found guilty and was sentenced to 50 years for molesting his own niece.

Our family would appreciate your taking the time to write the Parole Board on Amanda's behalf.

Please send a letter to be received prior to Coffey's parole review date of July 21, 2012 to request denial of parole. THE PAROLE BOARD IS REQUIRED TO READ EACH LETTER. All letters are brought to the parole review and stacked in plain sight. They DO make a difference.
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Print the letter provided by the family, sign your name and send to the address below. Please be sure and include Fred Howard Coffey, Jr. and DOC #0081135 on any correspondence.

NC Post Release Supervision & Parole Commission
P.O. Box 29540

Raleigh, NC 27626-0540
RE: Fred Howard Coffey, DOC# 0081135

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