Tuesday, April 12, 2011

CMPD Independence Officers Nab Larceny Suspects

Independence Division officers with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department have arrested Willie James Springs, Laregis McCoy and Nemiah Davis on Tuesday, April 12, 2011. 

A CMPD Officer was patrolling the Wal-Mart parking lot located at 1830 Galleria Blvd, when a store employee waved him down and stated that three suspects just committed a larceny and took off in a blue Ford Expedition.

A short time later the officer observed the SUV and initiated a vehicle stop on Village lake Drive and Independence Blvd. During the course of the vehicle stop, Nemiah Davis jumped out of the SUV and started running, carrying a large trash bag full of items.

Davis tossed the bag and ran across Independence Blvd. Officers apprehended Davis after a brief foot chase. All three of the suspects involved in the case were positively identified by a store employee as the men involved in the larceny.  The employee was already familiar with the suspects from prior cases.

All three suspects were in possession of more than $2,000 in stolen merchandise from the Galleria Wal-Mart as well as several other retail outlets across the city. The three individuals have a history of committing bulk larcenies from stores all over Charlotte and adjoining counties.

· Willie James Springs has been charged with Felony Larceny. It’s the 11th felony he’s been charged with since 2008.
· Leregis McCoy has been charged with Felony Larceny, No Operator’s License and Failure to Heed Blue Light. His prior arrests date back to 2008 when McCoy was charged with assaulting a High School athletic coach. In 2009 McCoy was charged with Robbery with a Dangerous Weapon after he was arrested for robbing retail customers at gunpoint in 2009.

· Nemiah Davis has been charged with Felony Larceny, Resist, Obstruct and Delay. Davis had eight outstanding warrants for his arrest when he was apprehended this morning. He’s been arrested in Mecklenburg County eight times since 2009.

CMPD continues to urge retailers to prosecute shoplifters in an effort to quell larcenies. Members of the CMPD Independence Division have worked closely with Wal-Mart management in the Galleria to bolster security.