Friday, October 14, 2011

Motel on Reagan Drive in Jeopardy of Closing due to Criminal Activity

The CMPD has its eye on yet another 'no-tell motel' which is known for having drugs, prostitution, assaults, threats and gunfire occurring on the premises. The motel is America's Best Value Inn, located on Reagan Drive

CMPD had told the motel owners they need to take care of the problems or it will be shut down but the motel owners did not adhere to CMPD's requests.  A preliminary injunction was filed so now a Judge will decide if the motel should close.

According to the preliminary injunction, the motel is not allowed to continue renting rooms by the hour or to anyone who lives in the 282 zip code.  All guests must have a valid ID and motel workers must screen its patrons for any drug or prostitution arrests prior to renting a room.