Tuesday, January 24, 2012

FBI Seeking Armored Truck Employee Robber & Shooter

On Monday morning,  a young black male (shown in photos) robbed and shot a female Loomis armored truck employee at the Foxcroft Shopping Center, located off of Fairview Rd in South Charlotte.

The FBI says the armored truck had two employees in it when one of them got out to service the ATM, when the armed robber grabbed a bag of money and shot 47-year-old Ladena Duncan in the shoulder.

After the shooting, the armored car weaved through traffic on its way to the hospital when a 911 operator told them to pull over at the corner of Providence Road and Cavendish Court so Duncan could receive medical attention.

Investigators tracked the robber down a path that runs behind the shopping center, but were not able to find the man.  The FBI is hoping surveillance photos are able to help them identify the man. Medic officials said Monday morning Duncan’s injuries were life-threatening but the hospital has not released any information on Duncan’s condition.