Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mecklenburg County Jury Duty Service - Online Access

In Mecklenburg County, NC- citizens who are summoned for jury service may access the online interactive juror website at:

This site was designed to manage the most common requests related to jury service and offers many helpful features for jurors, including the ability to: 

Look up a lost Juror Number ~ Obtain current reporting status or status of a request for deferral or excusal (submitted via website) ~ Access jury service history ~ Verify/update personal data ~ Request a deferral or an excusal ~ Request special assistance ~ Learn about no pay option ~ Request a jury service reminder ~ View and contribute to Employer Honor Roll ~ Complete Pretrial Questionnaire or Exit Questionnaire ~ Print jury service notifications ~ Print Employer Letter or Jury Service Verification Certificate, after jury service concludes

* Go to Mecklenburg County Courts Website