Saturday, March 10, 2012

Robbery Detectives Still Seeking Robbery Suspect from August

On August 11, 2011, a cab driver (the victim) picked up the pictured subject from the Harris Teeter, located at the Arboretum. He was driving the subject to an unprovided location off of Sharon Road West when the suspect requested a new destination. The victim drove the subject to Crump Road at the suspect's request and was directed behind 8902 Crump Road.

The victim became suspicious and stopped the cab to settle the current cab fare. When the victim turned around to face the suspect the suspect pulled a handgun and shot the victim one time in the face. The suspect exited the vehicle and re-entered the vehicle through the front passenger door. The suspect rummaged through the center console looking for the money. At this point the victim exited the vehicle and ran. The suspect then fled the scene in the opposite direction.

If you can help identify the suspect,please call Crime Stoppers at 74-334-1600.