Friday, March 30, 2012

Vigilant Citizens Help Police Nab B&E Suspects

Calvin Brooks
Vigilant citizens helped CMPD Officers nab four men who were breaking into cars in a Charlotte neighborhood this morning.  The men were spotted off Fringetree Lane and Mahogany Drive.  The citizens called the police and they were able to get a suspect vehicle description, which helped catch the thieves.

Keshawn Rodgers
Those arrested: Calvin Brooks, (prior history includes armed robbery, assault, drug sales, resisting an Officer, etc)  Michael Deshae Jones (prior record includes armed robbery, habitual felon, conspiracy, B&E, trespass)

Torran Phillips (prior history includes larceny, assault on female, conspiracy, assault by pointing gun) and Keshawn Rodgers (priors include conspiracy, drug offenses, larceny, armed robbery, etc.)