Saturday, April 7, 2012

CMPD Conducts Speed Trap; Tickets 83 Speeders

In an effort to increase the safety of our roadways, CMPD Officers conducted an aggressive speed enforcement operation along Independence Boulevard between Briar Creek Road and S. Sharon Amity Road on Friday between the hours of 8pm to 4am.

83 people were charged with speeding at the overnight checkpoint. At least one motorist was clocked driving 87 miles per hour.

Police said they made 100 traffic stops during the 6 1/2-hour speed enforcement operation.  Motorists were clocked driving an average of 65 miles-per-hour in the 50 mph zone.  In all, police said they issued a total of 121 charges.

• Speeding charges: 83
• Other Traffic Charges : 32
• Open Container: 1
• Driving with a revoked license: 3
• Seat-belt violation: 1
• Drug Charges: 1

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