Thursday, July 5, 2012

CMPD Robbery Unit Seeking Armed Robber

Detectives with the CMPD Robbery Unit are attempting to identify the subject in the attached photograph in reference to robbery case that occurred on 3313 James Road, in the Hickory Grove Division.   He is described as a dark skinned B/M about 6 feet tall, thin with short hair. He was last seen leaving in the victim’s silver Town and Country van displaying SC tag ICG-754.

There was another suspect not captured on video. He is described a B/M about 6 feet tall, thin with dreads pulled up into a ball. He was last seen wearing a red shirt and blue jeans. Both suspects were armed with handguns during the robbery incident. 

The victim reported that the victim was robbed of personal property at gun point, forced under threat of being shot to stay in the victim's vehicle, and was then transported to different locations by the listed suspects. At different locations the victim was forced to try and withdraw money or obtain money for the listed suspects.

Please have viewers call Crime Stoppers at 704-336-1600, if you can identify this suspect or if you have any information regarding this robbery.