Wednesday, July 18, 2012

DEA: Man Busted Possessing Drugs & Selling Chemicals to Make Methamphetamine

Raumeen Shiraz was arrested by DEA agents on July 13th after agents investigated him for months as he sold them meth making chemicals illegally over the internet.  He was also found in possession of methamphetamine at a storage unit he was seen using.

Shiraz was arrested last Friday at his father’s home on Robinhood Road, which is in the Cotswold area of Charlotte.  Law enforcement agents seized a 100-pound container of iodine from the home, which is one of several chemicals used to make methamphetamine.

At a storage unit on Park Road, authorities found a plastic bag with 315 grams of the drug, a hotplate plugged into a light fixture, several other chemicals and four guns in a black trash bag.  The storage unit was registered under the name Clarence Boddicker-- who is the name of the villain in the 1980s movie “Robocop.”  The contact number was the Mecklenburg County Jail.

Earlier this year, undercover DEA agents bought iodine crystals from Shiraz on eBay and through   Shiraz told FBI agents that he had obtained a new business license and was doing business as Shiraz Lab Supply, according to the complaint. He told the agents he did all his transactions on the computer and made between $80,000 and $90,000 a year shipping chemicals domestically and internationally.  Shiraz is not authorized to ship the chemicals.  Raumeen Shiraz is listed as a contact person for a business called “Reagents for Chemicals,” which sells wholesale chemicals on the Internet.

In May, FBI agents began following Shiraz. They saw him mail packages from a post office near his home.  Agents also followed him to a storage unit.  After leaving, agents say, he engaged “in a series of what appeared to be counter-surveillance maneuvers.”    Obviously not good enough...