Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Traffic Citations in Mecklenburg County- Information

Over 175,000 traffic cases are prosecuted in Mecklenburg County every year. In order to ease the burden this volume of cases puts on the court system, the District Attorney's Office provides a few methods to address your traffic charge prior to your court date.

Throughout each work day, an Assistant District Attorney (ADA) periodically staffs a station open to the public. This station is located on the second floor of the Mecklenburg County Courthouse in the Clerk's Office. The DA desk is to the far right of the clerks' windows. The ADA at this station can reduce speeding tickets and dismiss compliance cases when proof of compliance is provided and if the compliance has been achieved in a timely manner (some examples of compliance cases are expired registration, no inspection, and no proof of insurance). The ADA at this station can NOT move future court dates. In some instances, if you have missed your court date, the ADA may be able to re-set the case.

Defendants charged with traffic cases may also choose to use the online MeckTrafficTickets system to facilitate a negotiated plea to a minor speeding case or a dismissal of a compliance case. The MeckTrafficTickets website is maintained by the county.

Due to the high volume of traffic cases, the District Attorney's Office is unable to discuss cases or negotiate pleas over the telephone. Please use one of the methods described above or simply come to court on your given court date and you will be able to speak to an ADA about your case.