Wednesday, August 22, 2012

UPDATE: 26 Year-Old Nursing Student Found in Hickory

UPDATE: Kristen was found in Hickory, NC, by authorities on Tuesday night. Though the cause of her disappearance is still unknown, her father has reported that she is now safely hospitalized.

A 26 year old nursing student is missing from the Huntersville area after house-sitting for a vacationing family.

Kristen Woodrow was last seen Satruday on Devonshire Drive in the Birkdale area. Authorities there say both her and the dog she was caring for are missing. Her personal items, including her cell phone and luggage, were left in the home. Police confirmed that there signs of a forced entry were not present.

Kristen was last heard from by her father, whom she called shortly after noon Saturday. Later that day, the family that owned the Devonshire house was unable to reach her and called Huntersville police. The family has speculated that Woodrow might have gotten lost on a small trip, as she had just moved to North Carolina from Florida and may not be familiar with the area. Authorities say Woodrow's bank and credit cards have not been active since she was reported missing.

Woodrow is a white female about 5'3" in height and weighing about 100 pounds. She has hazel eyes and brown hair. She was last seen wearing flip-flops, jeans, and a plaid shirt. She drives a silver Jeep Cherokee, 2005, with Florida license plate 647-WHF.

Huntersville police have asked anyone with information in this case to contact them directly by calling (704) 464-5400.
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