Sunday, August 12, 2012

DNC to Bring Police from Across East Coast

Extra police officers from across the east cost are scheduled to arrive in Charlotte shortly before Labor Day, according to Deputy Chief Harold Medlock. That is when organizers start the uptown festival to kick off the Democratic National Convention.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg's police force currently consists of 1,760 sworn offices, but many more will be brought in as a security precaution for the DNC. Officers from both Carolinas and across the east cost will be taking part in the event, most of them focused on the uptown area.

Aside from the extra officers, the length of the shifts they will work is going to increase. Instead of working an eight-hour shift, police will be required to work for 12 hours for the duration of the convention. This will allow CMPD to place more officers on the street at any given time. Officers have also been denied vacation leave during this time. These precautions come in an effort to make Charlotte's streets as safe as possible while the rest of the nation is watching.