Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Firearm by Felons Gets Guns Off Charlotte Streets

In an effort to keep our city's streets as safe as possible, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police recently launched the Firearm by Felon program. Started in May of this year, the program targets convicted felons in possession of firearms. Firearm by Felon offers reward money for anonymous tips that lead to the recovery of illegal guns or the arrest of a felons with guns.
The program comes after statistics showed a rise in the number of felons arrested with guns.  In 2009 250 convicted felons were arrested with guns, as opposed to 319 last year. The ease with which felons can access firearms was disturbing to the department.  The theory is getting guns off the street will result in fewer armed robberies and other crimes associated with firearms, according to CMPD's Marty Cuthberson. 
Since the start of Firearm by Felon in May, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police have recovered 12 guns and made seven arrests. By allowing members of the community to call in and work together with local law enforcement, Charlotte is a safer place to live.
The Firearm by Felon tip line is (704) 336-6000. Rewards of up to $500 are offered for information that leads to an arrest or recovery of guns.