Wednesday, August 22, 2012

UPDATE: Man Arrested After Barricading Himself in Concord Home

UPDATE: The suspect in this case was apprehended Wednesday at around 3:30 PM. The stand-off lasted just over 12 hours.

Police were called around 3:00 Wednesday morning after a female living at 118 Green Street SW reported that her co-inhabitant, a male, had assaulted her.

The situation escalated when the man would not communicate with law enforcement of come out of his house, the the assaulted female was outside and out of danger.

The man's name will not be made public until processing and charges are final. No one was injured during the barracade.

According to reports, an unnamed man has barricaded himself in the house and will not come out, though authorities have not released a motive.

Police also have not released whether or not the man is alone in the house.