Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mother Leaves Child In Bushes, Charged With Harmful Neglect

A child in Rock Hill is in the custody of York County Department of Social Services after he was strapped in a stroller left unattended in bushes overnight.  The 1-year-old was apparently left there by his mother so that she could meet her boyfriend.

At about 3:00 AM, Rock Hill police found the child in front of a house, still in the bushes after responding to a call placed by a neighbor. Police were already in the area responding to a shots-fired call when the neighbor notified them of the child. Cameron's mother and grandmother, the occupants of the house, say they had no idea the child was outside all night. Police found Cameron's identification and personal items in a diaper bag with the stroller.

According to investigators, Kelly Denise Cameron, 20, called her mother to ask her if she would watch her child, but Cameron's mother said no.  Cameron then took the child over anyway and left him on the front porch so that she could meet up with her boyfriend.

Cameron was was charged with unlawful neglect of a child and is being held in York County under a $50,000 bond.