Thursday, September 6, 2012

2 Labor Day Robberies Under Investigation by Shelby Police

After two robberies occurred over Labor Day weekend, Shelby police officers are looking for suspects.

The Waffle House on East Dixon Boulevard was robbed shortly before midnight on Sunday. A man wearing all black, including a black toboggan, entered the Waffle House and demanded money while wielding an object resembling a tire iron. That suspect stole money from the Waffle House, as well as from its employees.

On Monday night, the Mike's Food Store on North Post Road was also robbed. The suspect was wearing dark clothing with white accents and wore a mask to cover his face. He used a blunt object to hit a store cashier during the robbery.

If you have any information in these cases, you could win a reward. Call Crime Stoppers at (704)481-8477 or Shelby police Captain Stafford at (704) 484-7150.