Tuesday, September 4, 2012

DNC Protester Arrested at Uptown Standoff

After protesters marched down Stonewall Street attempting to arrive at the site of the Charlotte Convention Center, the location of the Democratic National Convention, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police have blocked off the intersection of Stonewall Street and Caldwell Street (South Boulevard).

At least one of those in the march was arrested after trying to cross the barricade set up by police officers. The man was arrested minutes before 1:00 Tuesday afternoon, when he attempted to climb over the barricade. The man was identified by another protester as Asheville native John Penley, a veteran and organizer of protests, but police have not confirmed that information.

Though there are a variety of different causes for demonstrators to protest, the majority of those involved are calling for the release of Bradley Manning, who is charged with treason after allegedly leaking sensitive government information to the website WikiLeaks.

A crowd of protesters still remains at the intersection of Stonewall and Caldwell Streets. CrimeInCharlotte.com will continue to post updates to this story as they become available.