Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Police Let Protesters Past Caldwell Street Barricade

After almost two hours of rising tensions, police officers have let around 100 protesters past the barricade and towards the Charlotte Convention Center, the site of the Democratic National Convention.

About 300 police officers had surrounded the demonstrators, effectively blocking the intersection at Stonewall and Caldwell Streets. Protesters had set up tents in the middle of the intersection. One man, identified as 60 year-old John Penley, was arrested for trying to climb over the barricade shortly before 1:00 Tuesday afternoon. Penley, a United States veteran, had helped organize the march. At least one other arrest was made during the incident.

As the day continued, however, law enforcement became more lenient with protesters, allowing some to march with their faces covered with bandannas or helmets, two actions that are outlawed under a city ordinance.

Though many protesters have taunted police throughout the day, officers have executed their orders without responding to the comments.