Wednesday, September 12, 2012

SC Police Arrest Suspect in Horse Shooting

Kendrick Martinez Culp
Deputies with the Chester County Sheriff's Office arrested 24 year-old Kendrick Martinez Culp, of Great Falls, for allegedly shooting two horses, killing one of them.

Robert Wishert, also a native of Great Falls, was out to feed his two horses Sunday evening when he found that his female horse was suffering from three gunshot wounds. That horse was taken to a local veterinarian and is expected to recover. Wishert's male horse had been shot once and was already dead when he found him.

When police and animal control personnel searched the area for clues, they found a witness who identified Culp in the incident. According to the witness, Culp was with another man when they shot the horses. Police are trying to identify and locate the other man, who is from Lancaster but is known only by the name "Juicy".

Police discovered that Culp was attempting to sell a .22 rife to "Juicy". Apparently, Culp was demonstrating the rifle's capabilities by using it on the two horses. He was charged with two counts of animal cruelty.

Culp is being jailed in Chester County on a $7,500 bond for one count of animal cruelty. The bond for the second animal cruelty charge is still pending.