Monday, September 3, 2012

Two Arrested Sunday at DNC

Police arrested two protesters Sunday during the Democratic National Convention. The arrests occurred during an uptown march composed of as many as 1,000 protesters.

Those arrested include a Anna Marie Wright, 23. Wright violated ordinances by wearing a mask. When arrested, CMPD officers found that Wright was armed with a knife. She was arrested at the intersection of College Street and 4th Street.

Police also arrested a 32 year-old Chris Stevens for disorderly conduct and assault on a government official. Stevens, whom reports say was a bystander not involved in the march, was also charged with resisting arrest. He was arrested on South College Street.

One protester was also taken to an area hospital for unknown reasons.

Charlotte city officials have declared that law enforcement will hold up ordinances which limit attendants from carrying certain items with them. It is unclear, however, how police will enforce a new ordinance which prohibits protesters from camping on city property. Currently, there are protesters violating that ordinance by camping in Marshall Park.

Officials say the rules and ordinances are set in place to keep the public safe during the convention.