Saturday, September 1, 2012

Woman Poisons Two Lovers in Burke County Love Triangle

Tara Melinda Jackson
The Burke County Sheriff's Office arrested 22 year-old Tara Melinda Jackson Thursday and charged her with two counts of distributing a poisonous substance in food for poisoning the two men she was involved with.

Though the men involved have not yet been named, Jackson is accused of using muscle relaxers to poison both her boyfriend, whom she lived with, and another man whom she was dating.
One of the men was hospitalized at Carolinas Medical Center for antifreeze poisoning several weeks ago, which caused detectives to investigate. They looked into two other similar cases in the area, one of which the same man was involved in. Detectives deduced that the poisonings resulted from some kind of love triangle, according to reports.

Jackson, a Connelly Springs native, is being jailed in Burke County under a $25,000 bond. She will appear before a judge in court on Tuesday, September 4.