Tuesday, October 4, 2011

'Teflon Shea' Roseboro: One of Charlotte's Finest Thugs with 40+ Arrests & No Prison Time

5/1/2012- Shea Roseboro is still at it... he was arrested today for DWI & DWLR.... it never ends!

UPDATE VI: 11/1/11- Shea Roseboro was arrested again today for DWLR & Assault on a female.

UPDATE V:  9/29/11-  Shea Roseboro was arrested AGAIN for driving while license revoked. (Editors Note: This is really getting ridiculous. Shea Roseboro clearly has NO REGARD for the law yet he is arrested over 40 times in the past 5 years and serve no prison time!)  

UPDATE IV:  9/13/11-  "Teflon Shea" was arrested again today for driving while license revoked.

UPDATE III:  8/5/11- Shea Roseboro was popped again for a probation violation.  He is back on the streets already...  why do they bother??

UPDATE II:  7/19/11- Shea Roseboro was arrested AGAIN on 7/16/11... this time for selling drugs.  He posted his $5,000 bond and was back on the streets within hours.  "Next time you get arrested, tell them you want "Shea Roseboro treatment"
Shea Roseboro

UPDATE:  6/16/11- Shea Roseboro was arrested again and released the same day after posting $5,000 bond.

6/1/2011- It never ends in Mecklenburg County!  The 'revolving door' of the justice system is enough to make me spit nails!  I was skimming through today's arrests and I could not believe my eyes when I saw Mr. Shea Roseboro pop up on the screen AGAIN!

I've been blogging about Shea Roseboro since Sept 2008 after he shot a 14-year old boy on October Ct.  At that time, his arrest record was already a mile long (18 arrests since 8/07)  He never spent a day in prison for shooting the boy so....

Shea Anthony Roseboro
In April 2010, Shea Roseboro shot a man on Lakewood Ave. He was out of jail being tracked by 'electronic monitoring' at the time- so he "cut and ran."  The VCAT Team searched and found Roseboro so back to jail he went...  33 times since he turned 16 years old.  I can only imagine his juvenile record!

On May 6, 2011, the Mecklenburg County District Attorney's Office released the following statement: "Shea Roseboro, 21, pled guilty to interfering with an electronic monitoring device and damaging computers. Roseboro was sentenced to 15-18 months in prison, suspended for 36 months of supervised probation with 120 days in jail by Judge Constangy."

Can someone please tell me why Shea Roseboro was given a $500 bond and is back out on the streets... after getting arrested again today?  Shea Roseboro is 21 years old.  He has shot two people, has been arrested in Mecklenburg County 33 times in 5 years and he is STILL walking the streets of Charlotte!  Sick yet?

Links:  DOC Record, Meck Arrest Record (Select 'All' under Arrest #), D.A.'s Press Release (pdf)