Thursday, August 23, 2012

38 Year Old Man Charged With Child Pornography and Peeping

A 38 year old man from Gastonia was been charged for separate incidents of possession of child pornography and peeping. John Andrew Schramm was arrested Wednesday.

Schramm had video content and digital photographs stored on his computer showing nude boys that were approximately 12-13 years old. It was reported that at least one of the files on his computer showed a child engaged in sexual activity.

Schramm has been charged with two counts of third-degree exploitation of a minor. Officers stated that not all of the evidence they have in their possession has been processed and more charges could come about depending on what they find.

Police said Schramm was also charged for secretly peeping in connection to an incident that occurred earlier this month.

According to the police, Schramm secretly spied on a woman through the back sliding door of her home on Willow Wind Drive.

Schramm is a registered sex offender. The North Carolina Sex Offender Registry website shows that he was convicted of third-degree sexual exploitation of a minor back in 2002.

Schramm was added to the registry in 2005. He is required to stay on the list for a minimum of 10 years.