Saturday, August 11, 2012

Woman Accused of $3.8M Tax Fraud Scheme in Charlotte

40-year-old Candida Mayo Figueroa was named as a suspect in case, in court documents filed Thursday in U.S. District Court. Ms. Figueroa is accused of being behind a scheme to defraud the government of more than $3.8M dollars.

Federal officials said the USPS intercepted a large amount of mail from the U.S. Treasury Department that appeared to contain checks going to several addresses close to one another in Charlotte. The USPS alerted Federal officials mainly because the names on the checks were to people not known to receive mail at those addresses.

Much of the mail that was being sent was to an apartment complex, Arrowood Crossing in Southwest Charlotte. Authorities state that Ms. Figueroa had been observed pulling mail from several mailboxes there. Federal officials state that five addresses in this area were linked to a total of 804 individual income tax returns. The returns were filed between January and June. Law Enforcement searched Ms Figueroa’s home and found documents containing names and Social Security Numbers, US Treasury checks and more documentation.

Ms. Figueroa is charged with conspiracy to defraud the government and is being held in Mecklenburg Jail.